Scene from Jhamsa of Nizami

My personal fascination with persian miniatures

- A landscape that shows life in this world goes beyond the border into the next life.

 - A flat single point perspective.

 - Both Jewish and Islamic transitions forbid the portrayal of living creatures. The artist to please the     theologians moved from a realistic three-dimensional perspective into a flat imaginary world. Much like Dali's 'Postcard from the Surreal' .

- I find the combination of the formal composition with calligraphy, colour, geometrical and floral design intriguing.

-Several artist worked on the same canvas producing something very mechanical and unemotional.

-My upbringing with strict discipline and respect for time, culture and etiquette reflects the formal qualities of the miniatures.


Robert Rauschenberg 1950s

Robert Rauschenberg 1950s

My personal fascination with abstraction

 - An expression of 'anxious relationship' with the world.

A flat single point perspective.

- The paint is both the subject and content of the painting.

 - Self con taint and self referential produced by one person at that moment.

- I am drawn to the free and emotional mark making.


     'The aim of every authentic artist is not to conform to the history of art, but to release himself from it in order to replace it with his own history'. 

Harold Rosenberg