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4:30pm. Knitting the scarf brings you back to me. I knit each stitch,

trying to recapture the moments I have lost being away from you'.

(My thought 5th March 2013)

This is about a mother reflecting on her relationship with her son. It is suggesting that there is a longing for a relationship but perhaps a conflict is preventing her from communicating with him. Motherhood, attachment and abandonment are the focus of my essay. ‘My Thoughts’ during knitting the scarf for my son is used as a thread to tie my personal experiences to particular works in the œuvre of Louise Bourgeois and Mary Kelly and with psychoanalytic theories. I discuss the role of the mother as the central figure in the child’s life, but who is also looked upon as a cause for their disappointments and stresses. I highlight the importance of attachment and the bond between the mother and child as well as the anguish and trauma caused when it is jeopardised. Supported by the psychoanalytic theories, I conclude with the thought that as nature designed the woman to take the role of motherhood, perhaps it is best for her to do so and for us to support and respect her role.